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Observer to the PPTA Board of Directors 

Participate as an observer of a dynamic Board of the PT association for a one year period.  This position is for a student or new professional (working 5 years or less) who is a current member of the PPTA.  Contributions to and perspectives on the Board’s decision making are welcome and encouraged in this non-voting role.  It requires attendance at the 3 in-person meetings in 2018 (January 20, April 28, October 18-one day duration) and the webinar board work groups meetings (third Thursday-7:30-8:30PM).  In-person meetings are funded per PPTA guidelines.

The PPTA BoD will provide mentorship as needed.  We will listen and learn as we develop our strategic plan in 2018 and implement value based member services.

Say yes!  Bring your enthusiasm and commitment for our profession and our patients/clients.

The application for this position is online and due by Nov. 30th. All candidates will be notified of the selection once the new student or new professional is selected.


Member of the Mentorship Program Organizational Committee

An individual who is passionate about mentorship that would like to join the team working to implement a mentorship program in Pennsylvania. The groundwork for this project is complete and we are getting ready to launch the program and looking for individuals to help facilitate the implementation of the program and assist in the developing positive discussion in an online message forum. The committee will aim to meet via computer/phone 1-2 hours a month and the message board for conversations will be active once a month- once every other month for 2 days which would require checking in periodically during that span.

If interested, please email Lmbilski@gmail.com

Help Wanted:

PTA with clinical expertise to present to interested PTAs and PTs on a webinar awarding one-hour CEU. 

We’ll handle the tech, you bring the teaching!

If interested, please email Doug Slick <dougslick@comcast.net>


Falls Prevention Awareness Day

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