The purpose of the Physical Therapy Special Interest Group (SIG) is to provide a means by which physical therapists and physical therapist assistants may meet, exchange information/ideas, identify issues, provide a means by which members having a common interest in a special area of physical therapy my confer, and serve as a clinical resource for all PPTA members and the SIG itself.

In addition, they respond to areas of concern related to PT SIG members, advocate and advance the needs of SIG members, consumers, and members of the Chapter relative to the SIG’s area of interest.

Membership in the PT SIG is FREE and open to all active and affiliate members in good standing within the PPTA. Meetings of the PT SIG are held in conjunction with the PPTA Fall Meetings. Dates and times are published in the PPTA Newsletters.

If you are interested in joining a SIG, opt in here!

For more information on the Special Interest Groups, contact:

Kathryn Brown
SIG Work Group Chair