The PPTA Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Special Interest Group is a state-wide volunteer organization that brings together any member of the Pennsylvania Chapter (PTAs) in good standing who share an interest in the evidence-based care as a physical therapy assistant.

Benefits of membership include peer-to-peer networking, providing a forum for education as a physical therapy assistant, and to identify and promote utilization of standards of competency for practice, research, and education as a physical therapy assistant.

Doug Slick

Ann Lowrey
Ann Lowrey
PTA SIG Secretary, PTA Caucus Rep.

Northwest District Treasurer
(814) 437-6191
LeeAnn Derr
PTA SIG Vice-Chair


PTA Advanced Proficiency

The PTA Recognition of Advanced Proficiency Program recognizes physical therapist assistants (PTAs) who have achieved advanced proficiency through education, experience, leadership and as part of the PT/PTA team in a specified area of work: acute care, aquatic, cardiovascular/pulmonary, geriatric, integumentary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, oncology, and/or pediatric physical therapy. This brand signifies that the recipient has gone above and beyond entry-level education in their selected area of work and sets the recipient apart from other providers.

Ashlee Esplen 
Ann Lowrey 
Marigerard  Wardrop 
Ann Marie Elizabeth DeAntonio
James Jarvis
Beverly Labosky

2012 Ann Lowrey


Tina Evans Musculoskeletal
2010 Ann Lowrey Geriatrics
  Erin Smithley Musculoskeletal
  Heather Tureikas Musculoskeletal
2009 Amanda Hefflefinger Musculoskeletal
  Kelly Sue Wimmer Musculoskeletal
2008 Wendy Enck Musculoskeletal

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Past Steven Kolumban Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Award Recipients

  • 1995    Sandy Feather, PTA
  • 1996    Linda Felton, PTA
  • 2001    Marie Setley, PTA, MEd
  • 2003    Anthony Dague, PTA, BS
  • 2004    Stacy Martin, PTA
  • 2006    Janice Haas, PTA
  • 2008    Shawn Madary
  • 2009    Linda Keller Doyle, PTA, MS
  • 2011    Marilyn Orsino, PTA
  • 2013    Tammy Frey