What it costs a month to become an APTA/PPTA member?

$38 for a PT

$26 for a PTA and 

$7 for a student! 

This number can fit into any budget...

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PPTA is #4 Nationwide

That the PPTA has the 4th largest membership only behind CA, TX, and NY

The Membership Committee educates members and potential members in the benefits of membership to the APTA and PPTA.

It remains a voice of the membership to bring issues to the Board of Directors of the PPTA, and effectively illustrate the benefits of belonging to APTA/PPTA in order to achieve 60% membership of eligible licensees in the commonwealth and a 95% retention of current PPTA members.

They build a strongly educated profession of Physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and students within the commonwealth that would value membership to such a professional association that protects their rights and advocates for their future. The Committee is composed of one member from each District plus one Board-appointed members who will serve as Chair and the PPTA secretary is the board appointed liaison to this committee.

Lauren Bilski
Membership Chair
Term expires 12/31/19


Committee MEMBERS/District represenatives

Ann Lowrey
Ann Lowrey
Northwest District

Term ends 12/31/20

Northwest District
Term ends 12/31/20

Paula Johnson
(effective 2/1/18)

Missy Criss
Missy Criss
Southwestern District
Membership Committee Representative
Brittany Shall
West Central District
Membership Committee Representative



Melissa Lesser
Southeast District
Acute Care SIG Chair
Membership Committee
Term of Office: 1/1/17-12/31/19


 Tina Wilston, PTA
Tina Wilston, PTA
North Central District
Membership Committee Representative



Member of the Mentorship Program Organizational Committee

An individual who is passionate about mentorship that would like to join the team working to implement a mentorship program in Pennsylvania. The groundwork for this project is complete and we are getting ready to launch the program and looking for individuals to help facilitate the implementation of the program and assist in the developing positive discussion in an online message forum. The committee will aim to meet via computer/phone 1-2 hours a month and the message board for conversations will be active once a month- once every other month for 2 days which would require checking in periodically during that span.

If interested, please email Lmbilski@gmail.com

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